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Safe and happy holidays


It’s almost that time of the year when we either make travel plans or we prepare to greet guests. No one should hit the road or get the house ready for guests without some plannishutterstock_739289728ng, especially during the winter holidays. This time of year is supposed to be filled with laughter, joy and kindness, but mishaps can easily turn it into a nightmarish tale.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s holiday periods are among the busiest long-distance travel periods of the year. Here are some recommendations to help you enjoy a stress-free Christmas:

  1. Review your homeowner/renter’s insurance, as well as the auto insurance. Typically, these policies cover structure and contents damage from wind, ice, water (yet not flooding) and burst water pipes. Also covered are the roof, gutter, siding and window damage (such as that from ice damming and collapse from the weight of the snow). Vehicle damage caused by weather-related events usually are covered under the “other-than-collision” also known as “comprehensive” section of an auto insurance policy. Mind that this is optional coverage.
  2. Also, review personal possessions and coverage options and remember that in case of loss, actual cash value pays the value of the item the day it got busted. Replacement cost coverage is what you prefer to have when bad luck strikes as that is what pays for the actual value of a comparable item at the current market price.
  3. Review your home inventory—having a list with your possessions with photos and their value will come in handy in a claim filling circumstance, not to mention that is a good way to determine if you have adequate insurance coverage.
  4. Winterize your home and vehicle—for your home, clean debris from gutters and downspouts, replace missing shingles and deal with those overhanging tree limbs. Also, check the underside of the from the attic for signs of leaks. Maintain adequate temperature inside your place to protect against frozen and burst pipes. For your vehicle, tires should have good tread and optimal air pressure. Fill your windshield wiper fluid tank and at least a half tank of gasoline. Moreover, carry a windshield scraper (a defroster liquid is also a good idea) and a brush for ice and snow removal. Inside your car keep a snack, some water, extra clothes, blankets and a first aid kit.

Have  a merry December!


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