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How Debt stress can effect Your Health


How Debt stress can effect Your Health

For the most part, people think of debt as a financial problem. If you have the money to pay your debts, you don鈥檛 have much to worry about, and if you don鈥檛 have the money then you had better figure out a way to pay what you owe. Research, however, has shown what many people who are struggling their debts have long suspected. The stress caused by debt is more than a money problem, it鈥檚 something that can effect your health.Here are some ways that your debt is effecting your body.

  1. Headaches. Even situations that are relatively minor, such as running your checking account to a low level or missing a credit card payment can cause enough stress that you develop a headache. If you are someone who is prone to migraines, this stress effect can be amplified.
  2. Cardiovascular problems. That pounding in your heart that you feel every time a creditor calls you is not your imagination. Constantly stressing your heart muscle and other cardiovascular tissue can lead to permanent damage to your heart, which can lead to a heart attack. No debt is worth dying over; get some help with what you owe.
  3. Depression and anxiety. Research has shown that people with high levels of debt, as well as people with very little in savings have a higher rate of clinical depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, the symptoms of these conditions can make it even harder to come up with a plan that will get you out of debt.
  4. Skin conditions. While most people don鈥檛 think of skin rashes and hives as a symptom of stress, the truth is that it鈥檚 very common for stress to show up on your skin.
  5. Diabetes. There have been several studies that have shown a link between increased stress and the development of Type II diabetes. Researchers aren鈥檛 sure why this is true; it may be that people under high levels of stress are eating worse diets and not exercising enough. Another hypothesis is that stress is damaging internal organs, including the pancreas which processes sugar.

<p data-sp-element=”content”>Rather than suffer the effects that debt is having on your health, take steps to get everything paid off. A debt consolidation loan can pay off everything you owe, ending collection calls immediately. You鈥檒l be left with a monthly payment that you can afford, a lower interest rate, and the peace of mind that comes from being able to stick to a budget and put some money in savings.


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