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Smart Ways to Finance Your Next Home Makeover


A home makeover is always a good investment. The right home makeover can transform the overall ambience of your property while breathing new life to the space. A makeover is also good for boosting the value of the property itself.

It is great that a home makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of DIY projects you can do on weekends. Even larger makeovers are easier to tackle, especially now that you have these financing options to choose from.

Credit Card Purchases

In certain situations, you can rely on your credit card for financing your home makeover. When shopping for new furniture or picking up a contemporary radiator from www.warmrooms.co.uk, for instance, you have the option to pay using credit card.

Many credit card companies also let you convert bigger purchases into instalments. Some will even offer 0% interest when you convert your purchases into 6-month or 12-month instalments. Not only can you make the purchase right away, you save money on the financing too.

Short-Term Loans

Some makeovers need to be done immediately, so conventional loans aren’t always the financing options you can turn to for these projects. When you have a broken bathroom cabinet, waiting until your next payday isn’t always an option.

Fortunately, you have short-term loans at your disposal. Loans like unsecured loans and payday loans are just as affordable when used over a short period of time. You can get the financing you need in a matter of hours, so you can start the project immediately.

Home Equity Line of Credit

This next financing option, the home equity line of credit or mortgage refinancing, is more for bigger makeovers. With the help of a home equity line of credit, you can borrow more money, extend the loan period all the way to 10 years, and enjoy more flexibility.

Bigger projects such as replacing windows or window glazing, adding new window treatment, or rearranging the front garden to boost your property’s kerb value are indeed expensive, which is why a home equity line of credit is perfect.

Home equity loan is also worth considering for these bigger projects. It may not be as flexible as a home equity line of credit, but you can repay the loan over a longer period of time and maintain the option to borrow more than £10,000.

Specialty Loans

Some financial institutions respond to the growing market challenge by offering specialty loans. Today, it is not difficult to find a home remodelling loan or a construction loan to help finance the makeover. These loans fall under unsecured personalloans category. There is no need to place the entire property as collateral when applying for any of the specialty loans.

Regardless of the financing option you choose to use, always compare loans and use the most cost-effective one for your home makeover. Make sure you can repay the loan without disrupting your monthly budget or cash flow too. The right financing and a suitable home makeover project can really help you increase the value of your property.


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