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Three Ways to Get Quick Cash Without Affecting Your Credit Score


Finding yourself short on cash can be a very stressful experience. Whether you’ve had a home emergency that you’ll need spare funds to fix, are due with rent and don’t have the money spare, or need to continue paying your monthly bills whilst in between jobs, dealing with outgoings that are higher than your current income can quickly send you into a frenzy of anxiety and worry. Thankfully, the good news is that there are several things that you can do to boost your bank balance and ensure that you can afford whatever bills or expenses you need to pay for. Here are some of the best ways to improve your financial situation without affecting your credit rating,

#1. Find a Side Gig

Today, there are many different opportunities that you might want to consider when it comes to making a bit of money on the side or keeping an income rolling in whilst media-and-networks you are in between jobs. If you have a skill that others might want, for example, if you are an excellent writer, can design websites, or even have a knack for cleaning every nook and cranny of a house or building, then there will certainly be somebody who’s willing to pay for your services. A great way to find extra work to complete from home or in your local area is to use Zoom the List, a search engine that allows you to look for gigs and jobs on the entire Craigslist site.

#2. Sell Your Stuff

If like many people you have some stuff lying around in your home that you no longer use or need, then why not put it to good use by selling it? You can use a variety of different online selling sites to make some cash from your old belongings, such as eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist, or apps such as Depop for clothing. For electrical goods, CDs and DVDs, you can find several sites that are willing to recycle these for cash, no questions asked!

#3. Ask a Friend or Relative for Help

If you’re in need of some extra cash immediately but don’t want your credit rating to be affected, then asking a trusted friend or relative for some help can be a viable alternative to borrowing from the bank or taking out a payday loan. However, bear in mind that since there is usually no formal agreement when borrowing from a relative or friend, you’ll need to be extra careful to ensure that you repay them on time to ensure that their trust and friendship is retained. It may be useful to draw up an agreement with them for how you’re going to repay them. Don’t promise them the money back all in one go if you’re unsure that you’ll be able to do this. Chances are that they will be more than happy to take your circumstances into account and allow you to repay them in instalments as long as they get their money back.

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